... Developing Rural Financing to achieve Food Security

The Management

The Programme is coordinated by a Central Programme Unit based in Abuja. This is assisted by three zonal Programme Management Unit (ZPMU) located in Owerri covering South-South and South East Zones, while the ZPMU in Ibadan covers North-Central and South-West zones, and ZPMU in Bauchi caters for North East and North-West zones. Each participating state has a programme support office and is headed by an Assistant Micro Finance Officer and assisted by a Data Management Officer.

The programme is structured on three components namely:-
1. Capacity Building & Technical Support to Bank and Non-Bank Micro-Finace Institutions. This Consists of two sub-components:-
i. Capacity Building for Bank and Non Bank Financial Institutions.
ii. Promotion of access to Refinance and Linkage Facilities

2. Targeted Development & Strengthening Institutional environment for Micro-finance Development. This consist of three sub-components:-
i. Improve policy, legal and institutional framework for cooperatives and RMFI.
ii. Implementation support, regulation and supervision of MFB
iii. Research and documentation of policy dialogue.

3. Programme Coordination and Management